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Why can't I find the book for sale on Amazon and other online stores?
That is because we have pulled the book from normal sales channels due to editing, pricing and marketing revisions. It will be available for purchase in the future. Check back here again to get the web address for that blog.

What about complimentary copies?
They are available here only for special interest group leaders.

I'm having trouble reading the text in my pdf viewer on computer, and also on my tablet.
The FREE version of this eBook is formatted for viewing on computer. If you have downloaded it to your tablet or phone it will not look the same and may be a bit more difficult to read. If you are reading from a computer you  might have had a bad download, try downloading again. Also, It may be a vendor problem that we can't help you with. Try upgrading your browser or  download a more recent version of the pdf viewer here

Will I be able to read this eBook on an older computer?
Maybe. Some very old computers may not install the more recent versions of the pdf viewer.  This E-Book should be viewable on computers as far back as Windows 2000, XP and Vista, as well as Mac OSX and Linux with a pdf viewer.

I can't seem to get my FREE book to download.
If you are downloading from a phone or tablet, try using another browser. If you are on computer it should work without any problem. Also, you will have to solve the riddle correctly to access the file.

How do I contact you about technical issues and other questions?
You can leave a note here concerning anything connected with this site or about any of our books.


Q&A with Cale Rainer

Wow, I can't believe what I just read! You say there really is a deity. But how do I know this?
You will know this through your memory.  What this book is trying to do is to get the memory out so you can prove it to yourself.

I just read your book... Why do I feel so blindsided?
Surprise! There is a surprise around every other corner in life -- here is another one.

Is this book available in Kindle format or print book.
Not at this time, but it's still FREE to download, for a limited, time in pdf format here on this site. Sometime in the future it will be available for purchase on Amazon.com in Kindle format and in print.

There isn't much book description. Why is this?
This is a short book with several surprises. We don't want to give away to much information before you read.

How long has this project been around?
It actually began in 1997, but the very first notes were taken to form the first manuscript in 1998.  It then took many years to prove the information was correct and to organize it into readable form. It's been twenty-years, and counting, since the start of this project.

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