Many religions have one thing in common: they worship a character known as God. Even though the books and methods of following are different, the particular behavior of worship is generally the same. People all over the world bow down to worship something they can't see. The common term for this is “praying.”

They go to a place that, in the Western world, we call Church, to concentrate on their belief in this God. Realizing their true origin through the worship of this God is an attempt to sense that they all have something in common - a feeling of togetherness. Church is a gathering place for people who, in a certain way, want to be more like each other.


Peace on Earth

Buddhism and Hinduism are popular in the Eastern region of the globe. Buddhists follow the teachings of the character "Buddha" (his real name was Siddhartha) who had a very special relationship with reality: how to be enlightened in the hostile environment of the world around him. His teachings have become a global phenomenon. But it can be debated that Buddhists don’t believe in a Supreme-Being or God, yet do recognize the existence of deities..


Islam is another very prominent religion of the world that is popular in the Middle-East. It tells of the connection between man and a supreme-being "Allah" (God). "The Qur’an" or “Koran” is the book used to learn about the behavior between man and "Allah."


Judaism was around long before the coming of Christ. It claims it’s home to be the country of Israel. The most holy of places for this religion is the City of Jerusalem. Jesus was born into Judaism, so it makes sense that much of the Christian Bible was taken from Judaism history.

Jesus on the Cross

Christianity is popular in Europe and in western civilizations. It worships the character "Jesus" who did something very special -- he communicated directly with God. The "Holy Bible" is the book used to teach followers about Jesus.

Religions of the World

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