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The full-blown version
The Origin Comes Alive

by Cale Rainer
eBook only in PDF format $.XX
word count 35,134
             file size 850k      pages 198 

The Origin Comes Alive

 Limited time offer FREE
Memory of the Origin

by Cale Rainer
eBook only in PDF format   $0.99
word count 14,986
pages 60     file size 355k              

This book is no longer available from Amazon.com and others. It is currently available only through this web site.

It's a very special subject that should be required reading by everyone. For this reason it was recently pulled from the normal sales channels. I hope to make this book available for sale again at a very attractive price  students can easily afford (see above). The page where you can buy it will be announced here at such time.

Right now it is available only in eBook PDF format for computer from this website. It will be made available in other formats for Kindle and other Tablets in the near future when we get it up for sale at the new purchasing website.

Teachers, Pastors, Publishers and Journalists may now order one copy. To get your complimentary copy, Sign-in here and leave a message saying, "please email my complimentary copy." Also, please state your name, position, professional title, and what organization you belong to. During the FREE PROMOTION period just click on the GET YOUR FREE BOOK button above.

The FREE PROMOTION is currently on, and will remain so until future notice.

The Origin Comes Alive
is the Full-Edition of this work. It has been written primarily to help children, as well as the rest of us, recall the memory of our origin.

Memory of the Origin
This LT-Editon is a shorter version of The Origin Comes Alive excluding many technical notes.

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