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Hi! I'm Cale RainerAbout Cale Rainer

Cale had a modest upbringing in a very good middle-class American town where he attended church regularly in his younger years, and just like many other kids, never really considered himself deeply religious.  Then, many years later, after meeting people from other walks of life and hearing them talk about their religious experiences, one day a little kid suddenly jogged his memory that brought back the greatest memory of his life.

After pondering this memory recall for weeks, he began taking notes to form the original manuscript. It took several years and more note-taking before deciding to publish. But this was further delayed when he came to the conclusion that nobody was going to believe such an outrageous story, so publishing was put off for years. He finally came to another conclusion, that this didn't matter and published despite his reservations.

The original theme for the book was simply to make his memory known to everyone. But after organizing hundreds of notes, he found there was much more to it. It turned out to be more of a study reference than just a nice little book.

Cale is just an ordinary person, yet unique in a very special way: he possesses the ability to recall a memory that, as it appears, few others can.

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