The Origin Comes Alive
Miracle Free

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Book Description

Genre: Spirituality: Divine Science and Philosophy, Religion, Spiritual Psychology

Believers and Atheists alike will get a firsthand look at the Divine Presence as it reveals the intimate behaviors and processes that compose a sense of GOD, and how this arose in social consciousness to inspire a global phenomenon known as Religion.

The Origin Comes Alive

Cale Rainer puts it all in perspective in this intimate look into the Human Social Origin by introducing the existence of a deity that fits the description of what religious organizations call God.  A collection of factual and exploratory notes  serve as a testament to how we all share this phenomenon through perception of reality—a personal experience telling how we connect with a spiritual-entity in our younger years, proving that a reality of God replaces belief in God.

There are a number of brief explanations such as: how humans connect with a Divine deity and why they lose the memory of it, observations of religious ritual methods of worship, how parents should convey the message of the presence of the Divine to their children, and questions arise about the future of a society that might take on the direct sense of a divine origin.

No Myth…no Magic - The collection of notes in THE ORIGIN COMES ALIVE clearly explain and straighten-out the many thousands of words that have created a maze of confusion on this topic and dumbfounded civilization since the beginning of time, keeping us guessing how this 'Belief in God' thing began. No fantastic stories of miracles or prophetic statements are present, just straight talk about who we are, where we come from and how to recapture memories of our very beginning.

Well known religious terms are compared by showing similarities between this book and Religious beliefs (Mainly with Christian sayings).

The primary purpose is for everyone, whatever their age or perspective on life, to remember this first sense of life as their origin.

The FULL EDITION contains many new notes, most of which are technical by nature. Much of the book is the same as the SAMPLE EDITION but includes specific notes that discuss elements that create the "alive" experience such as: hereditary information and how personality is made by defining differences in identity.

Much of what is written in the SAMPLE EDITION will come as a surprise, and may confuse many of you because of its obscure nature. (This means you might have difficulty believing because it is discussing something you know nothing about.) This is overcome in the FULL EDITION by introducing facts, both scientific and religious, that are commonly known. For this reason it will be easier to confirm that it presents the real truth of life.

FULL-EDITION: 232 pages, print and eBook formats.
SAMPLE EDITION: 55 pages, eBook - ePub format only.  No longer available


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