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The Origin Comes Alive


I just read this book. Why do I feel so blindsided? I can't ever remember this happening to me when I was little. How the main subject was connected to religious terms was a highlight for me. I've never heard any of this in all my years. If what it is saying is true, the author has just opened up a new Pandora's Box of information.


Cale, thanks for the sneak-peak of 'The Origin Comes Alive'. There were surprises scattered throughout, except the book was very short, maybe because it was the free version. The full version really tells all. A couple of technical explanations were confusing but overall most were simple to understand and filled with real substance that lacked superficial nature found in most books of this kind. The note 'In Your Dreams' was my favorite. I can see why it was put on the website. Wow, may be the best way to describe it! I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to read this book. Thank you Cale Rainer for finally setting the record straight and telling it the way it should have been told a long time ago!


I don't get it. I read it through from start to finish and I'm still confused about what it is trying to say. But I really did like some of the individual explanations.


Reply, from Cale Rainer

Thanks Manny for your Comment!
There are some who might have difficulty with this book, as you have stated. The first thing to remember is that it is truly REAL - Maybe that's the problem! You have to believe that the main subject is real, or you may find little reason to continue reading.  Read this example


I was just getting into studying Theology when I discovered 'The Origin Comes Alive'. I must say this one little book appears to contain most of the material I found in many other books of great length. I was surprised at this new and refreshing approach to realizing the Divine Presence. As I read, I wondered about this elusive experience because, like others, I could not remember. But after about six months I did recall the memory, and picked up the book and read it again. This time I was not only surprised, but thoroughly understood the connection of each note to the presence of the origin, as it suggests. Once I read it through from the perspective of my memory, the real truth showed itself - from the family of Atoms in the first chapter, then technical explanations of how personality is built from basic elements of live identities in Male and Female, and the rather astounding religious comparisons, all the way to the wonderful Epilogue and final review of the Contents Detail. The whole thing blew me away! This is not just a book of knowledge - It is an awsome Experience - and one that I will pass down to my children and cherish for life.


Atheists, like me, don't support the idea of a supreme-being that presides over everything. That said, while exploring this book, I came to the conclusion that you don't have to believe in a God or worship any deity to feel enlightened - just live your life through the first sense of love. It also educated me in the fine points of becoming more aware of who I was in the very beginning and how I grew from my original sense of a deity. As far as I am concerned this is more of a 'science of life' book than a religious experience, but also see how this 'deity presence' could very easily be interpreted as a God of religion.


I didn't expect this - what a surprising perspective on the beginning of life. I would like to have seen more in the Religion Chapter, especially this passage: "May the Lord Bless you and Keep you; MAY HE MAKE HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU, and be Gracious unto you; and lift up his Countenance unto you, and give you Peace." Isn't this what this book is really saying?


Reply from Cale Rainer:

It was left out on purpose. But now that someone has brought It up, I might consider inserting it in the next revision.


I see a wide variety of topics in this book. The Genre is really spread out. It left me wondering about one topic, especially:  From my particular interest and perspective I gather it is trying to say something about the reason for Religion.


Reply from Cale Rainer:

Yes, you are correct! One of the primary purposes is to show the likelihood that this phenomenon is directly related to the birth of Religion.


Rather than a book of religious inspiration, it shows different processes that bring the Patriarch of the Origin or sense of a Supreme-Being into realization. The individual notes are like little technical processes that are so straight forward - more like reading an auto repair manual than a book on spirituality. The entire First Chapter and notes like, "In Your Dreams" and "The Projection of Life" and "Genetic Memory" and "Love Now" each tell a story of process that builds simple actions of life. I think the 'Book Description' found on the web site takes too much of a short-cut on what this book is really about. Maybe that's why they offer a free version, except the free version is a big short-cut too, and doesn't do the full version justice. You really have to read the full version to get the complete 'experience', as the book says. As you're reading, you might say to yourself, this thing is really "out there." Then, thinking it over after you've finished, you see that it isn't "out there" but so very truthful from an inside perspective that it's almost beyond comprehension what is taking place – to quote Manny "I don't get it."
To conclude, for a very technical book about intimacy with the Almighty, it does a surprisingly good job of bringing this very difficult and obscure subject to light from a totally silent existence.

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