The Origin Comes Alive
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Welcome to the Crossroads of Consciousness...where this tiny peek at
the beginning of life inspired the worldwide movement of Religion.

The Meaning of Life as you've always known.... but  have never heard

Walking the Line
Dare to "walk the line" between Religion and Atheism, when the confluence of different methods of belief connects a Missing Link between our social conscious and the origin of life.

If you are thinking of joining a religious cult or getting into a new religion, you might want to check this out.

Does a Supreme-Being really exist?
The search for the truth of our origin has been going on for thousands of years, but has produced few real-live answers through direct proof that a supreme-being (God) actually exists. Herein lies a good argument for Atheism. A link in the understanding of the existence of a supreme-being is obviously missing -- or there really is no God. If this link is ever put in place, then why should Atheists be left out of knowing? But the real question is, why should people of faith also be excluded from knowing and left with only having to believe?

Religious History - fact or fiction?
Many ancient manuscripts have been discovered over the centuries. One of the most important are The Dead Sea Scrolls  discovered in 1947 in a place known as Qumran, in caves near the Dead Sea.  These writings are bringing to the surface, evidence of specific passages found in the Christian Bible, yet were written hundreds of years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Thus far, and as it appears, even these ancient manuscripts may not be telling us exactly "what is going on." They are merely historical references pointing toward the practices and beliefs of Christianity and Judaism. If this is of interest, you can get more information by visiting

Toward the eastern side of the globe, culture and religion are quite different from the middle-east. Buddhism and Hinduism are prevalent in eastern countries. These religions of this region of the world, believe in life as individual deities being supreme over the domestic nature of humans. But how do we know  these deities really exist?

Treasure in Memory
Some of the greatest treasures in life are locked up in memories. It's a good thing humans and other beings here on earth have a place where they can store things they learn. Imagine what life would be like if we didn't have memories of places we've been and things we have done. The origin of life is in my memory and yours too, you just have to look for it. Maybe it would help to have someone jog your memory.


The Origin Comes Alive

The Origin Comes Alive

by Cale Rainer

Learning,  how we connect with our origin, should be required by all parents before they have their first child... If you are already a parent or if you don't  have children yet, you might want to explore how kids first realize life. Click here to learn how to get this book.


What it is

A collection of notes telling of actual experiences with the presence of the Divine... No fantastic stories of miracles or prophetic statements are present, just straight talk about who we are, where we come from, and how to recapture memories of our very beginning...
    This may be your last chance to learn the true origin of yourself.

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