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The reason for this site is to call your attention to the book The Origin Comes Alive by Cale Rainer. Its purpose is to discuss issues and convey new ideas surrounding Spiritual, Religious, and Family matters directly associated with what has been termed "The Divine Presence."

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Other Sources of Information   Learn about ancient biblical activities and writings through archaeological discoveries.  Here you'll find information on the basic structure that defines the anatomy of all creatures on Earth.

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Cale's Comments

This is more like an Atheists' guide to God than a religious experience.


The Divine Presence appears as a very intimate, loving experience that almost seems unreal... But the notes, as they are written, clerify how real this phenomenon is.


I don't have to Believe in God any longer now that I know what it's all about - that 'One Thing' The Bible never toldl me!


The Origin Comes Alive tells you what it is... The Bible tells you how to use it!


DIY - Learn how to revive your Origin of Life... It's so stupidly simple a child can do it.


"All you have to do is Believe"
(Martin Luther)

"All you have to do is Remember"
(Cale Rainer)


Belief in God is Fake!
God is not a Belief... God is Real.


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