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So, you believe there is a God. All right, go ahead and prove to me that there is one! That's right, you can't! So what makes you think there is one? Is it because you were brought up through a social system of conformity that enticed you into believing it? Or is it something else deep down inside that makes you feel that a God really does exist, as your origin?

Those of you who don't believe in the existence God, must be atheist! Why don't you believe? Most other people do! Is it that you are more educated and smarter than they are? Doesn't it make you feel bad to know that through their perspective you must be some kind of a fool who knows nothing? Yet conversely, isn't this what you think of them?

But wait a minute, maybe you're right! How can they accuse you of knowing nothing when they, themselves, can't even prove the existence of a God? Because they can't actually see God they are left with only having to believe. But if they were to see, would they call it God or would it appear as a deity (one live-being entity of diverse thoughts).

When thinking of the word deity, you might associate it with the word God. Of course there must be some difference between the two because they are spelled differently. At this point, and through intimate contact with the Almighty, we could say there is no difference between them -  they are like one and the same. But any difference might be in how they are viewed: God is a character that is, for the most part, worshiped through an organized system called belief, whereas a deity could be perceived more like the direct presence of a live-being character without any belief attached.

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