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This Holy Grail is a cup that Jesus Christ drank from at his last supper before he was put to death by crucifixion. It's thought that it wields incredible power – the power of total enlightenment and everlasting life. After his last supper it was probably washed and put up on a shelf along with all the other dishes. Someone may have eventually acquired it and used it for years, then gave it to someone else who passed it to another who either lost it or threw it out in the trash. Whatever the case, this cup has been missing for over two thousand years.

A mystique about this Holy Grail has become an obsession for many people and has created a world- wide phenomenon. Just think, it would be like a miracle to find this highly prized artifact that would be worth millions in monetary value, not to mention that you'd spend the rest of your life (for eternity) in total bliss. Let's suppose, that if you did find it, what would you do with it? Would you sell it, or would you keep it? The way it looks now, is that this grail will probably never be found, so I can stop thinking about what would happen to me if I were to find it.

So now let's do some comparing to find out things we do every day that can bring out similar feelings associated with the Holy Grail. Enlightenment and bliss are feelings most of us experience many times over a lifetime. Just something as simple as falling in love creates a reaction of bliss and enlightened sense of reality; your first child is born; you won the State lottery or hit the jackpot in Vegas. These are all examples of how a simple act can change how you feel about life and throw you into a state of bliss.

I recently experienced a happening similar to that of discovering the Holy Grail when I uncovered the origin of life, that appears to be what Jesus was talking about, and that fits the description of what religions all over the world are calling God.  No, it's not a cup, but a simple memory of the origin of the self. As a grown person this memory has not given me any bliss, but has given me the comfort to know my own self, which helps me deal with everyday experiences.

Uncovering this memory has been like a revelation, to say the least!  I often wonder if others, as well, could uncover what has been entombed in the memory of all people, quite possibly, since the beginning human existence. Could this memory recall eventually lead to enlightening an entire civilization of people on earth by simply opening the tomb to let it out?  Would this not be as good, or even better than finding the Holy Grail?

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