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Some who read this book still don't get it. If you are one of these, here is a little story that may help you understand why.

Aliens from outer space were exploring and seeking out new planets to inhabit. They were very advanced creatures - much more so than humans - possessing an uncanny ability to interpret different languages… One day, many years after humans had abandoned their planet, these Aliens came upon Earth. They wanted to learn about the former inhabitants, and just by chance stumbled upon a structure sticking up out of the ground. They excavated and found an entrance marked LIBRARY. Once inside, they found this was an informational repository – what luck! They pulled one book from the shelves entitled, 'American Standard Auto Repair Manual'. They opened it to a random page and their eyes fell upon the subject-title, 'Understanding the Carburetor'. Being the technically minded creatures they were, they soon became so overtaken with their very first discovery here on earth that they began to celebrate - when one spoke up and remarked, wow, we haven't found anything this good in a hundred years…the way this was explained - how fuel mixes with air to create an explosion that makes the car go - was so great. This is really exciting stuff… But what is a Car?

Can you see the difficulty here? In the above scenario, the Aliens were able to understand only what they had read of one short subject in the book, yet missing fundamental information identifying the reason for the book... As for THE ORIGIN COMES ALIVE, it's a matter of identifying the original sense of life as it rises up through the human social conscious. If you find yourself so totally alienated from the existence of this founding subject - to where you can't remember and believe it to be untrue - there is no way you will "get it." But If you can remember, then you should have no problem.

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